Kevin & Kathy "Owners"

Kathy Crimmins C.D.T.  

Kathy is not only a very accomplished artist, she is also a Certified Dermagraphic Technician as well. She has won several tattoo competitions and has been tattooing for several years. She decided to delve into the permanent cosmetic field  in the 90's and traveled to Saint Loius, working with Cheri Durbin at the So Natural Institute. She specializes in permanent facial cosmetics and is one one of the innovators of specialized camouflage  tattooing covering portwine and strawberry birthmarks. She has been a long time member of the SPCP, Society of Permanent Costmetic Professionals, and with countless continuing education hours, she is considered one of the top camouflage artists in the nation.

She and her husband Kevin have been working in the tattoo field for over 20 years and co-own Permanent Collection Tattoo & Body Piercing and Permanent Collections' Lasting Impressions Tattoo & Body Piercing.

Kathy is always availiable to answer any questions concerning permanent cosmetics as well as giving you the perfect professional piercing or a prize winning tattoo.

 Give her a call today at 515-955-2517

Kevin Crimmins

Kevin is not only the creator and instigator behind Permanent Collection Tattoo & Body Piercing, he is the soul reason any of this chaos exsist!

Not only does his knowledge of tattooing go way beyond those of many, he has never hesitated to share and inform those who have had the pleasure and honor of working with him. His ability to be open, patient, persistent and kind has been his key to his success as well as the success of those around him.

Kevin has turned out more award winning, show stopping pieces than anyone in this area and always gives credit for that to the amazing talent that surrounds him as an inspiring force.

Cudo's to the "Big Guy" for making us all better!